Two months ago, the children looked tense and stiff, but now they have completely adjusted to life at school. We are amazed at their ability to adapt to new environments. The rainy season has arrived, and the gloomy weather tends to make us feel down in the dumps, but the children are finding silver linings! Some of them enjoy putting on their umbrellas, others look forward to putting on their boots, others look forward to putting on their raincoats, and so on. It seems there are many discoveries to make and fun to have even on rainy days. It may even be a good idea to try taking a walk together on a rainy day! We will continue to have fun this month while taking care of our health.

June 23rd is 「Memorial Day」

In 1945, 77 years ago, there was a war in Okinawa. We do not want anyone to forget this war between human beings. We hope that such a war will never happen again and we hope for peace and to comfort the souls of those who died in the war. This day was designated “Memorial Day” by Okinawa Prefecture in accordance with the wishes of the people. We will hold a at the school, but why not also make this a day to think about peace with your family?

sdgs What we can do!
☆This month, we’ll take care of the things around us
1, Don’t waste stationary such as crayons, pencils, paper etc.
2,Don’t throw away usable items。 Try to keep these points in mind

May 25th was Africa Day. Ms. Pamela came to school dressed in traditional clothing. The children learned about our cultural differences (food, clothing,
environment etc.) and tried an African dance. We ended the class with the word “Tatenda” which means “Thank you”! Thank you for a great time!